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Authentic Self – Embracing our Spiritual Destiny

Sacred Circle – Feb 25, 2017 – First Circle


Introducing ourselves


Introduction to the Sacred Circle

Authentic Self-Embracing your Spiritual Destiny

Sacred Circle is my SEVA project for KRI Kundalini Yoga Level 3 Training – a three-year program.  Each circle will consist of Pranayama breathing exercise(s), meditation(s) and a Topic for sharing, with specific related questions.  We will start with one sacred circle a month and for 8 months with the possibility of continuation. 

Part of my SEVA project is to document and present to my peer group a report on this project and the Level 3 participants in the program.  However, be assured that the names of any and all participants in any of the circles will remain anonymous.   

At the end of each circle, I would appreciate short comments on your experience of any part of the circle, specifying any detail(s) that highlighted your experience or impressed you.  A paper will be passed around for this purpose.  Your name on the paper is optional.

Some of the topics will be from the KY Level 2 Teacher Training; other topics will be mostly from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi BhajanR, and other important spiritual practices.


Introducing the first circle’s topic:

‘Conscious Communication

‘Your presence is communication. 

Your existence is your communication, and your projection

Is your relation.  You are the power.’  Yogi Bhajan



  • First we need to speak to ourselves – sense and feel the vibration echo in the mind and the infinite mind

  • If you can’t talk to yourself, you can’t listen to yourself and you can’t be yourself

  • The rib cage represents the universe, this is called ‘applied consciousness’.

  • When you sit down you vibrate light and you speak

Questions for Conscious Communication

  1. Do you ever think about how you communicate/what level do you communicate from and how it

may effect another person(s)?Share?


  1. What are your main challenges with communication?

       and what effects do they have on another or others?

   2 How can you change your communication?  Have your ever

      tried to change the way in which you communicate?    

      What have you tried?

Notes on Communication

How do you communicate with yourself and how do you

Communicate – relay to others?  What is the gain? 

Do you communicate from your emotions, feelings, subconscious mind

or from  your higher Self? 

When you relate to another you are looking to have an experience within, actually this is what happens….. if you relay in anger you get anger back, same for frustration, etc. if you relay from kindness – compassion you gain this back…

You have to become intuitive, develop  sensory awareness

Then your energetic field expands and you can have a ‘bigger’ experience… you need to become automatically intuitive…

Your languate has to be effective

Deep listening an important component of communication

Which chakra do you project from – which tatwas?

If you relate from your spiritual being it will include the physical


The flow of the spirit – spirit has no beginning and no end – not your unconscious

then you are limiting

elevate yourself – You have to impress yourself into the sound – confidence in your connection

speaking by feelings and emotions – animal nature

speak from the human – rising above

like an angel speak universal

sometimes they are intermixed

develop intuitive sense of communication so not to create karma

intercommunication  is intuitive communication is called grace!

Whatever you speak effects your nervous system

Every thought is all there is in life – our expression is thought

Mantra is mental waves or projected waves of the mind – that locks you and set for life

Speak so the other person received 100%

Speak to our internal self

Applied Consciousness is creative consciousness GOD – you and your words



For the evaluation:  In the deepest part of the meditation – did you experience a change in the frequency of your thoughts and feelings?

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