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Sacred Circles

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                                 Satya Kaur Khalsa is a Certified Kundalini Yoga and a has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Bangkok Thailand

                                 for 16 years.  She serves on the KRI Level 1 Teacher Training team as Professional trainer.  She has been studying

                                 higher states of consciousness and Eastern philosophy for more than 40 years and her studies continue with

                                 Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  As part of a Seva program she has taught Kundalini Yoga to recovering

                                 drug addicts at a Bangkok Army Hospital.  She was also administrator for Kundalini Yoga Festival in Thailand for

                                 8 years and still manages three websites: and and now


'Sacred Circle-Embracing your Spiritual Destiny' was created by Satya as part of her Seva project for Kundalini Yoga teacher training Level 3 Certification - a three year program.  Her participation in Level 3 inspired her to create the Sacred Circle, with the aim for it to be used globally by Kundalini Yoga teachers in their communities.  Her mission is to serve with gratitude and joy!

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The need for people to share their emotions and feelings with others is an important part of the process in connecting to our 'Authentic Self'.  When we hear our thoughts expressed in words and view our reflection in the eyes of others, we often can see what is hindering us from living from our core or True Self.  Once we discover this essential part of our being we can then embrace our spiritual destiny and can live in health, harmony and peace with those around us - a holistic life.

The topics are based on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and other related topics.   Below is a list of Sacred Circles 1-11.  As this is a continuing project, there will be additions to the websites with more Sacred Circle workshops.








Sacred Circle is a safe, trusting space, with this in mind whatever anyone shares within the circle remains within that circle and is kept confidential. 

Some of the topics will be from the KY Level 2 Teacher Training; other topics will be mostly from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, and other important spiritual practices.

The flow of Sacred Circle:

Introduction to Sacred Circle

Participant Introduction

Tuning in with 'Adi Mantra' with explanation for new comers

Warm up exercises 

Kriya and/or Meditation

Relaxation with Gong (or with KY meditation music)

Varieties of sharing:  flash writing of experience, pre-planned questions to be answered by participants, expression in art form (materials to be distributed)

Closing with Sat Nam

NOTE:  Sacred Circles were conducted as 2 hour workshops, but you can easily make them 3 hours.

Evaluation:  evaluation questions to be handed out for participants to fill -  samples of evaluation questions listed below and you can add your own:


 -  In the deepest part of the meditation – did you experience a change in the frequency of your thoughts and feelings?

 -  What are your resistances (in relation to the topic)?

 -  What are your challenges (in relation to the topic)?

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