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Sacred Circles

SACRED CIRCLE 4 - Death, Rebirth, Transformation (part 2)

Fear, for many people, has at it's root the fear of death, the unknown.  This is a subject that people are reluctant to discuss.  At this Sacred Circle we intend to shed light on this inevitable event and more than that have an opportunity to learn that death is a transition just as in living - when we die to an old habit and gain new perspectives.

In this workshop we will explore what happens at Death, what happens after death, death while yet alive:  Jivan Mukt-Liberation, and fears associated with Death.

We will engage in a Sacred Circle sharing, and meditation.  These are some of the topics we will explore and share:

1.  Fears related to death

2.  NDE (near death experiences)

3.  OBE (out-of-body experiences)

4.  An experience you have had with the ‘unseen’ world

5.  A transformational experience

6.   An unusual experience with a dying person

NDE (Near Death Experience)

A profound, usual spiritual experience, some people have when very near to death, in a coma, clinically brain dead, heart stops after which they return to their bodies.

Most importantly about these experiences is how the person’s life changes after they come back.


Warm up:  breath of fire with arms straight out palms up – 2 minutes each; arms up 60 degrees; palms together; palms at heart center in prayer pose (total 8 minutes)


                              Meditation:  The Flow of Life

                          February 22, 2000 - Los Angeles, CA USA   #LA0954

You all want to live successfully.  Who is stopping you?  There a law which cannot change: if a person does not use his own ego, there is no reason that person will not be happy.  Ego limits and scares you, and puts you in a bound state of mind.  You cannot move, you cannot flow, you become cautious.  In the name of your security you follow the ego, but it takes you miles and miles away from destiny and happiness.

Do you want to go with the flow of life or do you want to go with your ego?  You want to ride an elephant and a horse at the same time.  You have ego because you have nothing else.  You do not have ecstasy.  You do not understand that you are a part of the universe and the universe is part of you.  Therefore you protect yourself.  You do not trust in the Vastness, the Infinity of God.  Therefore you do not trust in your own Infinity.  You have come from the Infinite to the finite, and will merge again in Infinity.  But what you do not trust in, do not believe, do not can you merge in it?

Every day we are alive, every day we are dying.  If we live to die and death is inevitable, then we should just relax.  By hustling, hassling, playing mental and physical games, you just invite trouble.  Trouble makes you unhappy.  And when you are unhappy with everything that you have, you do not feel worthy.  Feel your worth.  Feel your beauty.  Feel your tranquility.  Everybody is born tranquil, peaceful, honorable, gracious, made in God.  Our life problems can  be as diminished as we want to diminish them.  If you have a problem-drop it, keep going-problems never follow you.  There are as many problems as there are achievements.

I am interested in you and in your power, not your weaknesses and criticism.  I am ingterested in your elevation and in your achievement for yourself.  Do you want to achieve in life?  Do you want to live happily?  Conquer your sadness, conquer your shortcomings, conquer your narrowness.  How do we do that?  Let us do it tonight and see if we are successful.

MEDITATION - Conquer Your Weaknesses

1.  Sit straight in a cross-legged position.  Eyes are closed.  Stretch the left arm out to the side at shoulder level, palm face down.  Raise the right elbow and move the right hand in a circular sweeping movement in rhythm with the breath.  On the deep inhale, through a pursed mouth, bring in energy with the hand.  On the exhale, through the nose, complete the circular movement.  Palm is slight cupped.  Open the chest.  Give yourself power.  Break through.  Continue for 11 minutes.

2.  Place your hands on your heart.  Do Long Deep Breathing through the nose.  Calm down, relax, go deep.  Continue for 3 minutes.  To end, inhale deeply hold 10 seconds, expand your chest while pressing heart as hard as you can and straightning the spine as much as you can.  Take the energy all the way up.  Cannon Fire Exhale.  

Repeat 2 more times.  Relax.

"May the seed of purity in you flourish and cover all your aspects and projection.  May you understand life is a pure living experience.  May you truly understand the meaning of divinity, integrity and personality.  May this day bring you the understanding that God is within you, always was, is, and shall be.  And may you start looking to that inner strength to walk tall and happy.  Sat Nam"

'A Year With The Master'


(rotate arms hands and arms in sweeping circular motion start with arms raised as below- out to the side -then  in front of body)

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