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Sacred Circles

    SACRED CIRCLE 8 'Infinity'

Connect to your Infinity - Raise your Vibratory Frequency!

In this workshop the tools of Kundalini Yoga will help to expand and touch infinity that resides within and without - there will be warm up exercises, a special meditation and a healing relaxation with the vibratory sound of the Gong and of course a sharing!  Raising your frequency will help you to heal, live a happier whole and peaceful life within and help you to nurture healthier relationships with those around you.

Questions to follow after gong relaxation

- Do you feel connected to 'Infinity'? - yes or no - explain

- How would you describe your experience of Infinity within?

- Have you had a special experience of Infinity, would you like to share it?

- How do you nurture your connection to Infinity?

- How could your experience of infinity help you in your everyday life?

                                                                                 'Poetry in Motion'

Without beginning Without end

Words are not adequate to describe

The Infinite reality

To recognize the unity of all

To see the Godhead within

To know who you are

To know where you came from

To know where you are going

To pursue the path with courage

To spread the light as you go

It is the path of liberation

Liberation from suffering

To know the nature of mind

To know the nature of self

That life is impermanent

The soul infinite

To understand everything

Is to know no thing!

What am I?
(Meditation in nature Mela Espanola 2017)
I am part of nature my lines create patterns
I stand firm -my roots cannot be seen
In my texture is history embedded in my branches
Spreading in all directions
The foliage my crown glory
It holds no judgment just seems to be
So still and yet alive
Nourished by the sun and water
My essence can be known by sitting still in Shuniya.

Inner Purity

April 15th 2000 - San Diego CA, USA         #M0161

First, you are a human being.  When you wake up in the morning, realize it.  Stretch your arms over your head then press the hands together in front of the heart, extend the hands straight out from chest and say, "I am a human being".  Second, you are a gender--male, female or in-between.  Third, you are pure or impure.  If your purity and piety work for you and work with others, you are the best of God.  You can share, love and serve.  Otherwise you cannot, and this precious life is wasted for nothing.  To enjoy prosperity and self-fulfillment, maintain your purity from the time you open your eyes until the time you close your eyes.

Your power does not reside in money, muscles, cleverness, or in the way you impress people.  Your power is how simple, straight and pure, how honest, trustworthy and reliable you are.  Your own actions will decide whether your purity, piety, future, God, your prosperity and you are near you or far away from you.  Watch your purity.  See how many good things come to you.  Do it for 40 days.

MEDITATION - Experience the Source of Your Infinity

1.  Sit straight in a cross-legged position.  Extend the arms forward, parallel to the ground.  Hands are in receptive Gyan Mudra, tip of the index finger and thumb tip together, with the other three fingers stretched and wide-spread, palms facing down.  Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.  Chant Wah-hay Guroo, Wah-hay Jeeo by Sangeet Kaur and Harjinder Singh (from Raga Sadhana), pulling the navel up and in with each Wah-hay.  Continue for 11 minutes.


2.  Place the hands on the heart center.  Continue chanting the mantra powerfully for 3 minutes.  Bless your heart center.


3.  Continue chanting for 2 minutes.  Whisper powerfully using the breath of life.


4.  Press deeply into the navel point with both hands.  Continue whispering strongly for 2 minutes.


5.  Keep the hands pressed into the navel.  Inhale and exhale powerfully through the mouth.  Exhale powerfully letting disease go.  Change your biorhythm.  Continue for 2 minutes.


6.  Keep the hands pressed into the navel.  Whistle loudly for 2 minutes.  To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath.  Cannon Fire Exhale.  Repeat 2 more times.  Relax.

During the first part of the meditation the arms must be parallel to the ground to keep the magnetic field balanced.  Do not bend the elbows--if your elbow bends it means your stomach is out of balance.  Pronounce the "r" in "Guroo" touching the upper palate with the tip of the tongue.  This stimulates the meridian points connected to the hypothalamus and thalamus whose secretions stimulate the pituitary.  The pituitary's secreting capacity increases stimulation of the entire glandular system and of all the organs according to your power.  After a few minutes the body will begin to reform.  It will be painful.  Keep up.

You do not believe God has created you and me.  If God has created you and if He has created me, then let us relax.  He is a Creator; believe it, trust it and understand it with the purity of your heart.  You are poor and miserable and you have difficulties because you do not believe God is the Creator.  You are suffering.  You are fighting with the Guy who created you.  You think you are the creator!  Believe God is your Creator.  Create the atmosphere to make Him feel He is the Creator.  Then you will never have an problem, because the Creator will create the atmosphere in which your creativity will never be destroyed.  And if your creativity can not be destroyed, you will be rewarded through time and space.

Longitude and latitude must have coincidental altitude and attitude.  Your inner purity and intuitiveness must know whether something is right for you or not.  Meditation and mantra will give you intuition so you do not have to live by impulse.  Animals live by impulse.  Humans live by intuition.


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