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Sacred Circles

Naadi Cleansing

Aquarian Teacher p.114

      Sit in Easy Pose with the spine straight and the chin in, chest out.  Be sure that you have an empty stomach or have eaten only very lightly.  Use your right hand to alternate the breath through the left and right nostrils.  The tip of the thumb can block the right nostril and either the Jupiter (index) finger or the Mercury (pinkie) finger can block the left nostril.  Apply only enough pressure to gently and thoroughly close the nostril.  Do not press too hard.

      The ratio for the length of each part of the breath is 1 count (inhale), 4 counts (hold the breath), and 2 counts (exhale).  This kriya may be timed by mentally counting out the rhythm or be carefully listening to the breath, but for ease of timing and to keep the timing consistent, it is helpful to mentally recite a mantra to create the rhythm.  "Saat Nam," "Wha-hay Guroo," and "Saa-Taa-Naa-Maa" each work well for this purpose. Any of them can hold the rhythm and keep the mind focused on Infinity.

      The inhalation would be one mental recitation of the mantra, the hold would be four recitations, and the exhale would be two recitations.  The speed at which you mentally recite should suit your own breath capacity, but you must maintain a consistent timing for each of the three parts of the breath.

                                                                     Inhale through the left nostril for one count.


                                                                                                  Hold the breath for four counts.

                                                                                                                             Exhale through the right nostril for two counts.


                                                                     Inhale through the right nostril for one count.

                                                                                                    Hold the breath for four counts.

                                                                                                                                Exhale through the left nostril for two counts.

                                                           Base of your Creative Capacity for Life                                                                                                            (may 18, 1993  working on the 7th rib)                                                                                                                                                             

1.  Sit in Easy pose with the elbows bent, upper arms near the ribs and the forearms pointing upward.  The thumb locks down the Mecury (little) finger and the other fingers point straight upward.  Strongly twist the wrists inward so that the palms face toward your shoulder and then twist them back so that the palms face forward.  Continue quickly revolving the hands back and forth as you vigorously pump the naval with a powerful Breath of Fire.  3 Minutes.

            To Finish:  Inhale deeply, hold 20 seconds, while you pull in on the navel point and twist your wrists back and forth.

Squeeze every muscle and then release the breath through the mouth like cannon fire.  Repeat this sequence two more times.                     

            This exercise will help you look beautiful, be youthful, and conquer senility.

2.  Place your thumb on the mound below the Mercury (little) finger and close your fist around it.  Bend your elbows and raise your elbows, hands, and forearms at the level of your shoulders.  Your fists should be in front of your chest at shoulder level.  Inhale and pull the elbows back so that the shoulder blades almost touch, exhale and return to the starting position.  Use this exercise to pull open the ribcage, using a heavy breath to open up the lower lungs.  Ideally you will move 108 times per minute.  3 Minutes.

             To Finish:  Inhale, hold the breath 10 seconds while you pull the elbows back, pull in on the navel, squeeze the muscles of the body.  Then exhale like cannon fire through the mouth.  Repeats this sequence 2 more times.

             This exercise may change your whole lifestyle and is also very good for the heart.

"Open up your ribcage.  All the twelve zodiacs are there.  Especially you are working on the seventh rib, which can regenerate you, re-create you."

3.  Raise your arms up over your head, palms facing each other without touching.  Keep your arms up over your head, lift your chest and stretch your ribs, and slowly lean as far as you can to the left.  Then come back to center, stretch up, and lean as far as you can to the right.  Breath of Fire.  3 Minutes.   During the last minute, speed up and move as fast as you can.

              To Finish:  Inhale and hold the breath 20 seconds, lean left, lean rightcome back to the center and expel the breath through the mouth like cannon fire. Inhale and hold the breath 20 seconds, lean right, lean left  Last time:  inhale and hold the breath 20 seconds, lean left, lean right, come back to the center and expel the breath through the mouth like cannon fire.

              "This will fix your spine, your spinal disks, and tone up the pelvic region provided your Breath of Fire is strong and continuous.  There is no better adjustment for your body than this exercise done correctly.  It works on the sex organs, which give the sensitivity to create.  It can give an experience of who you are."

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Write three words, spontaneously, that describe your experience of the sound current - vibration of the Gong

share and expand your sharing of the three words


some responses from participants:  

flexibility - waves, -synchronicity

light - openness - freedom

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