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Sacred Circle 6 ' Sacred & the Word'

Creativity comes from the Soul - the deep part of our being.  This workshop will allow you to tap into and connect to your Soul-the heart-higher consciousness, through the written word in the form of poetry.  Use your creative power to expand, uplift yourself and others.  Expression from the deepest part of you forms a bridge to the Supreme Consciousness.

Let us express love of the Soul - the Sacred through poetry.  Come, bring your poems or write spontaneously during the workshop and share within the Sacred Circle (Thai writing will be translated into English).

Meditation:  From Moment to Moment

Everything is moment to moment--your existence, the planet Earth, the Moon and sun, the whole galaxy, and ultimately the two circling energies of creation and destruction that we call God.  Be attached to the Infinity of God, not to your spiritual teacher, your partner, your house!  How contracted and confined a human can be!  And how vast is God's All-Pervading Essence and Joy!

Life is a consentive, contained, comprehensive and coordinated existence of the Creative Power, God, or whatever you want to call it.  What has to happen will happen.  Your tomorrow is pre-determined.  You can change only if you understand that you exist moment to moment.  When you bifurcate your life, moment to moment, as an atom is bifurcated into atoms, you become glowing, wise and holy.  When you bow, and bow, and bow, the entire Prakirti, the Nature of God, will help you, opportunities will come, life will be most contented.  Everybody will come to you, because everybody wants to be content.  

A sadhu, in great contentment, sat in complete silence under a tree.  People who sat beside him felt contentment and peace of mind.  Soon 20 people were sitting there, then 100, then 1000.  Someone asked him, "What are you doing here?", "I'm doing nothing, shuniya, zero."  When you understand zero, the creativity of the universe turns it into hundreds.  That is how the universe works.  Kundalini, our inner energy, exists to raise our consciousness to know that in the end everything is zero.  Everything in the beginning and end is zero, so why are you suffering inbetween?  Because when passion is blinded and controlled by attachment, you lose your basic energy!

You are a living orbit of energy that is s constantly changing--your skin, features, organs and blood circulation are constantly changing.  Change is inevitable.  We do not recognize it, we feel we are permanent.  We leave nothing up to our organic nature and we forget that the Universal Flow is continuous.  Stop speculating!  Your ego and attachments do not serve you.  You set up a tent with lots of stakes, and by noon the next day you can barely pull out your stakes and leave.  You put in stakes because you want security from a partner.  What about security from the One who created us?  You fall in love with Maya.  What about the One who created Maya?  Have patience, be with God see your Self and nothing else.  Your Known and Unknown are with you.


MEDITATION -  For Contentment

1.  Sit straight in a cross-legged position.  Raise the right hand to neck height with the elbow against the ribcage, hand facing toward the chest with fingers spread wide open and held tight like iron.  Place the left hand over the heart.  Eyes are closed.  Do a powerful Breath of Fire and mentally chant "Har, Har, Har, Har..." in rhythm with the breath.  Continue for 11 minutes.  To end, inhale, hold, make the whold body like steel and pull up the spine so that your electromagnetic field can be re-charged.  Exhale.  Repeat 2 more times.

Burn out your karmas and your impurities.  Come face to face with your consciousness, reach the Infinite!  There is nothing outside of you.  All the power is in your body!  Your finite body has the power and capacity to reach infinity.  Feel the energy coming from above you.  Give yourself a lift--work out your nervous system, your muscular system, and your existence.

2.  Bring both hands in front of the heart, facing the chest, fingers closed, thumbs extended 3-4 inches part.  Eyes are closed.  Circle the hands around each other upwards and away from you, in rhythm with the mantra "Har, Har, Har, Har..." ("Tantric Har" by Simran Kaur and Guru Prem Singh).  Chant from the navel and continue for 10 minutes divided into three parts:  First part loudly-4 minutes, second part whispering-3 minutes, last part in silence-3minutes.

You will enter a diagonal energy.  Put yourself into it.  Be consistent.  Break the barriers.  The waves of body and mind must coincide.

3.  Place the hands on the heart center.  Go into thoughtlessness and complete contentment, shuniya, zero.  Everything is the play of God, whether it is even or odd.  Continue for 1 minute.  To end, inhale deeply, hold, and press the hands 

against the chest as hard as possible.  Exhale.  Repeat 2 more times.  Relax.


1.  'Meditations for the New Milennium' # NM0387

2.  From Moment to Moment - Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. - March 12th, 2001 - Espanola, NM, USA

3.  Synopsis from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan(c) 2001 Atma S. Khalsa and Guruprem K. Khalsa.

Following Meditation

1)  Spontaneous writing and Sharing 

2)  Closing with Sat Nam

3)  Evaluations from participants

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