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Questions for Sharing after Relaxation with the Gong

1. How would you describe your experience of 'Inner Balance'?

2. What did you learn or experience that you can take home?

3. Have you had a special experience of 'Inner Balance', if so could you share it?

4. How can you nurture your Inner Balance?

5. How can inner Balance help you in your daily life?

(add your own questions)


Earth and Heavens

August 14th 2000 - Espanola, NM USA                                                                                     #NM0355

     If you are not concerned with the earth, you are not concerned with the heavens--there is no balance.  Your power lies in your prosperity and prosperity lies in your feelings--feeling the earth.  When you pass by a tree, a tree cries or laughs.  When you walk by a plant, either it will move or not.  The plants will show movement if you are a good person.  If you are not a good person, plants will be uptight and straight.  A dog will look to you if it is in a good mood, otherwise its head will go sideways.  Every living thing reacts and acts with you.  Be aware of it.  

     All earthly emotions, feeling angry, crying, freaking out, eating too much and throwing up, or eating too little--are called "non-tolerance", because you do not tolerate yourself.  You react to everying.  You say, "I am in love.  But, I am in pain!"  Love has no pain!  Love is a blossoming, love is a blessing.  You are not in love, you are in attachment, and attachment is never love.  Whatever is attached, doe not become one, it remains two; it can be detached.  Life is not a tragedy but a performance of self.  In every action and reactions, in everything good and bad, you are not to lose yourself.  When you are you, you are a saint.  When you are something else, you are nuts.

     Think of God, and do not worry.  God in omnipresent, omniscient, and will take care of things.  Even if you do not take care of yourself, God will positively take care of you.  That is why Guru Nanak said, "Do not worry about anything.  Al that happens is in the realm of your training."

     Each day you do something for yourself.  Each day!  This is very simple exercise will blow your mind.


MEDITATION - Inner and Outer Projection

1.  Inner Projection.  Sit straight in a cross-legged position.  Raise the right hand at neck level with the four fingers up straight and the thumb bent against the palm, palm facing forward, elbow relaxed down.  Eyes are closed.  Starting with the little finger, bend each finger slightly forward with the count, "one, two, three, four," on "five," stretch the thumb toward the palm.  Move your fingers accurately, systematically, and in rhythm.  Continue for 3 minutes.

     Watch how quickly you get irritated. You will react.  You will go either into deep meditation, get extremely angry, or move your fingers out of sequence.  Understand that your body, the temple of God, which you think is under your control--is not under your control.  If the five fingers of your hand are not under your control, howcan your children, neighbors, and environments be under your control?  It is a very deep meditation.  You can accept the challenge, or lose the grip of the challenge.  It will give you power to serve yourself.  There is nothing more important than you.

2.  Outer Projection.  Place your right hand on your heart and the left hand on your navel point.  Concentrate on your tongue as you chant Wah-hay Guroo, Wah-hay Jeeo by Sangeet Kaur and Harjinder Singh (from Raga Sadhana).  Continue for 25 minutes.

3.  Inner Projection.  Repeat exercise 1 for 3 minutes.  To end, inhale deeply, pull the chest out, hold the breath, and tighten your spine all the way up fromthe base.  Exhale.  Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

                                                                                                                                A YEAR WITH THE MASTER P.73

           Kriya for Being Human:  Balancing Heaven and Earth

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Mudra:  Right arm is up with the right elbow and forearm on the same plane as the shoulder.  The right arm makes a perfect 90 degree angle and the palm faces down toward the Earth.  The left hand is parallel to the right with the palm facing the sky.  Keep the fingers together and very stiff and tight throughout.

Eyes:  Eyes are at the tip of the nose.

a.  Long Deep Breath.  Breathe mechanically, not automatically. 9 minutes

b.  Begin squeezing your entire body as you breathe.  Continue breathing very mechanically, rhythmically.  It will stimulate your psyche.  1-1.5 minutes

c.  Lion's Breath.  Stick your tongue out and breathe through your mouth, mechanically breathing.  Continue holding the mudra and squeezing the entire body.  2 minutes

d.  Put your hands in your lap and sit straight and breathe very calmly.  Meditate deeply.  Go into thoughtlessness.  Har Singh Nar Singh by Nirinjan Kaur is played. 6.5 minutes

If you want any achievement in your life, go into thoughtlessness so that you can be you.  There is no other way.  Right now, denounce the thought.

e.  Sat Nam Wahe Guru is played (Indian female singer version).  Pump the navel with the mantra, breathing voluntarily, mechanically, not allowing the posture to change.  Pump the navel fairly quickly with the beat.  Breath should be absolutely mechanical.  Exhaling with each pump of the navel.  Let your navel dance.  4 minutes

Tp End:  Inhale deep.  Cannon Fire exhale.  3 times.  On the third repetition, squeeze the body and hold the breath a little longer and then Cannon Fire out.  Be seated for a while and don't try to get up.

Yogi Bhajan * May 15, 1997 

from The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan c2008

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Relaxing with Gong 

Closing with Sat Nam


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