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 "Seva is a win, win, win...the total source of victory…the moment you serve with heart and head and without grinding any axe, you win the person forever… you deliver another person in the face of difficulty…you save the person in the face of calamity. You protect the person in the face of non reality and bring home the reality, this all is seva. In any form, shape and projection, if you can elevate a person's consciousness, his spirit, his self, his environments, his life [that] is seva."                                                                                                                               Yogi Bhajan July 23, 1991

by Satya Kaur Khalsa

SACRED CIRCLES is Satya Kaur's Seva project as part of her KRI Level three Teacher Training program.  Sacred Circles have been around for millennia.  Sacred circle represents spiritual unity and in this case, the participants in the circle form a trust, a place where they feel comfortable in sharing meaningful experiences in important aspects of their lives, whether it be about relationships, communication, emotions, the mind, meditation.  The incredible tools and invaluable teachings that have come to me through Kundalini Yoga form the basis of this Sacred Circle  and my own life experiences along the spiritual path.  I want to share these teachings with others so they too can break through blocks and be more of the 'witness' within, and touch the deepest part of themselves, which is Infinite, enabling one to live a more happy 'whole' filled life.  Suggested donations from Sacred Circle go to 'Operation Smile' and 'Doctors Without Borders'. This is a legacy project with the aim of Kundalini Yoga teachers forming their own Sacred Circle for their communities anywhere in the world.  You can use any of my Sacred Circles above as is or adjust to match your  community.  Donations can be for the charity of your choosing.  (for contact details click contact page)

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Naaraa-in Shabad - Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa
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